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President's Message

MHPA President’s Hari Raya Message 2021

The new Exco for MHPA was elected on 7th November 2020. It was a time when we were looking forward to the pandemic being over. There was much optimism as we had been in Phase Two (Safe Reopening after Circuit Breaker) since 19th June 2020. It was most welcomed when Phase Three happened on 28th December 2020.
Much has changed several months later as more local cases were detected and new clusters surfaced. We were back at Phase Two (Heightened Alert) on 16th May 2021 which happened 3 days after Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Thankfully, we still had the opportunity to celebrate with visits to relatives although it was limited to only 2 households and 8 unique visitors. This is better when compared to last year when hari raya happened during the Circuit Breaker and we only had virtual celebrations instead.

With Phase Two (Heightened Alert), there are no large-scale gatherings. Our Exco thus decided to organise a virtual hari raya gathering with the theme “Raya tetap Raya” for MHPA members. The objective is to celebrate hari raya and to reconnect with members especially since it’s been more than a year that we last gathered.
In the past year, our immediate past president, Dr Zuraimi alongside several other members put forth advisories as well as guidance to the Malay/Muslim community to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Several of our MHPA doctors were also part of the Malay/Muslim COVID-19 workgroup that Minister Masagos and SMS Janil Puthuchaery co-chaired. Our doctors worked together with asatizahs in the workgroup to share their medical and religious advice with our community. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to the doctors. 

MHPA CME events have resumed since last year. These have taken the form of online CME lectures held virtually over Zoom. This has been possible with the help of Dr Ghazali who has engaged speakers and organised the administration of the CME activities. We hope to maintain these sessions to ensure our members are kept up to date on the latest in healthcare.

The global pandemic has had an impact on our other activities. Our annual mass circumcision was adapted to allow individuals from zakat beneficiaries to have it done at appointed clinics instead of being a centralised location like previous years. It has also given us an opportunity to relook at how to strengthen the processes for this circumcision event.  There is no haj medical mission for a second year running as haj pilgrimage is deferred for another year. Our student chapter that does overseas missions is in the process of redesigning what they may do locally instead of overseas.

Apart from serving our community, MHPA’s role to represent muslim healthcare professionals at the national level became more evident this year. The use of the tudung for muslim nurses was raised in parliament in March this year. It has been and continues to be discussed. MHPA is participating in these discussions. There may be other situations that MHPA will be called upon to share its perspectives and we will do our best in a balanced manner. 
We hope to further the vision and mission of MHPA in the coming year. MHPA success is not possible without the good foundations that its pioneers laid and efforts from its members. I encourage you to invite others to join MHPA so that we can grow from strength to strength. 

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.
Thank you.

Dr. Norhisham

President, Muslim Healthcare Professionals Association, 2020-2022

06 June 2021


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